Our Legal Representation for Individual Clients

The firm of Clingen Callow & McLean, LLC is proud of its commitment to provide counseling and professional legal services to our individual clients. Some of the recent representative transactions where we served as legal counsel to individuals include the following:

  • Represented executive of leading insurance brokerage surrounding his departure for a competitor, and advised client on matters pertaining to enforcement and validity of non-competition covenants, exposure for “inevitable disclosure” of trade secrets, and new employment contract terms;
  • Provided extensive estate planning and business succession planning for high net worth business owner and entrepreneur, including preparation of restatement of living trusts with dynasty trust provisions and gift trusts for grandchildren, as well as gift and loan transactions with children;
  • Obtained favorable determination of value of physician’s shareholder interest in litigation involving disassociation from professional medical corporation in Kane County, Illinois;
  • Represented estate of a deceased brother and sister with extensive farm holdings and assisted clients with negotiating loans to pay estate taxes and costs of estate administration, while preserving value of farmland in sale to developers for commercial and residential uses;
  • Represented a small business owner in federal court who was accused of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act with respect to overtime payments made to his various employees, and successfully negotiated a four figure settlement where plaintiff's counsel sought to bring a class action against the small business owner in addition to holding him personally liable.
  • Obtained an expedited approval of a client's H-1B visa petition to employ a remarkably successful business executive and former diplomat.

The vast majority of our individual clients come to us for professional services in the areas of estate planning, review of employment, severance and competition-related agreements, shareholder rights, and protection of personal business interests.

It is important to note that, while representing individuals is a significant part of our practice, we do not represent individuals in the following types of law:

  • personal injury;
  • divorce;
  • criminal or juvenile law;
  • workers’ compensation;
  • employment discrimination;
  • bankruptcy;
  • consumer fraud; and
  • residential real estate.*

*As an accommodation to existing and long-term clients, we will represent them in certain residential real estate matters. However, the firm does not accept new engagements where the only service provided is for residential real estate transactions.

To learn more about Clingen Callow & McLean, LLC’s process of entering into client engagements with individuals, please click here.