Litigation: Employment

Effective litigation is often the product of proper planning and preventive training and guidance. Our attorneys complement litigation experience and skill with preventive training, offering guidance in programs and techniques designed to avoid the consequence and cost of litigation. However, if litigation is required, Clingen Callow & McLean, LLCmeans Business! Our well-seasoned litigation team has the experience and the credibility necessary to achieve to win and gain advantageous and discounted settlements.

Counseling and Training
We counsel clients on compliance with old and new laws in the areas of hiring, promotion, discipline, termination, compensation, harassment, substance abuse, wage and hour affirmative action and independent contractor arrangements. We encourage and assist with periodic reviews of policies and practices to assure compliance with changing laws.

As a business law firm, we focus on early and realistic assessment of case risks so that resources are allocated wisely and money spent only where necessary. We are pragmatic and will always explain the risks and the potential cost/benefits of the options available to you.

Wage-and-Hour Class Actions
We have represented both management and the employees and, as a result, have extensive knowledge on how the other side’s attorneys will approach your situation. Our wage-and-hour class action expertise includes all phases of class litigation, from class certification and subsequent litigation through settlement and claims proceedings.