Practice Areas & Industry Groups

The Clingen Callow & McLean, LLC practice groups and industry focus are borne of our client base, which is primarily small and middle market businesses, owners and individuals.  We target our practice groups and firm knowledge based upon the anticipated demand from this client base so that we can serve their litigation and transaction needs.  Other times, we encounter a surge in demand for a particular area of legal services which in turn warrants investment of more firm resources. Our attorneys have been involved in a significant level of title work as a result of the real estate “bubble” and subsequent credit crisis. Another attorney has established himself as the preeminent advisor in the area of noncompetes and trade secrets, which has resulted in a spike in the demand for legal services in that area.

In whatever practice area that we serve, we do so with an overriding commitment to performing the work efficiently and effectively. This may include involving other attorneys outside of our firm as appropriate to make sure that the client receives the best possible advice at the fairest possible cost.